With respect to wool materials.

The context of sustainable development in art is an important part of my knitted projects.



Before I start  to buy new wool, I always look to see if I can use other sources. Almost all RED WOOL used for the Carmen sculpture was recycled. The project was ordered by the National Theater in Prague.


Public collection of wool

For our knitted projects we have wool collection boxes  for example in the public library, city information center or art school. Many woolen treasures have been discovered here!   
Students from the Art school choose the material for their knitted objects. From WE KNIT THE CITY TOGETHER project.


Upcycling of woolen clothing

Second hand shops, old sweaters from closets, everywhere here you can find unnecessary and forgotten woolen pieces  that will get a new opportunity.
We dressed up a huge tree in the park in old sweaters for the film festival in Pilsen.